The work of Egor Fedosov (b. 2000, Russia) represents a chase of an abstract, in some cases random, unconditional decision for each and every specific issue. Due to the changes that take place in the process of imagery creation with the help of digital image processing and alternative process, his works are not just photography. "Photograph of a photograph" is what first comes to mind when one sees the result. Each time unique, the photos bear a close resemblance to the art of printmaking. Conceptual element equally coexists with the plasticity. They perfectly complement and constitute each other. 


2018 - 2021 BA, Photography, Moscow State Institute of Culture

2019-2020 Newest arts,  MMOMA workshops

Selected Exhibitions

2018 ART-ALL exhibition at ARTPLAY, Proun Gallery, Moscow

2019 In Sensce exhibition at DoorBlue Gallery, Moscow

2019 PADUGA photo exhibition at ARTPLAY, Moscow

2019 Thread exhibition at AFTERSCHOOL Gallery, Moscow

2020 Transition and Displacements at LoosenArt Gallery, Rome

2020 Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival, Tbilisi


2019 International Festival of Photo and Cinema "Golden Five" - winner in nomination "Photo-project"

Selected Publications

2018  Publication at Discours.io "Haiku" photo-project

2020 GUP Magazine #64, Talent  section


2019 Tavrida-ART Festival , Sudak

2020 Tavrida-ART Residence, Sudak